How do I find the right home inspector?

Not all home inspectors are equally trained and qualified!

The best source is by far a "word of mouth" referral; ask a friend, family or co-worker if they can recommend a home inspector they have used in the past and were satisfied with the services. Other sources are your mortgage lender or mortgage broker. Your real estate professional can also refer you to the CAHPI-Atlantic website for a referral to a home inspector.

If you are looking in the Yellow Pages, most home inspection companies can be found under the headings "Building Inspection Services" or "Home Inspection Services". In addition, our online database allows you to find a home inspector in the areas where you need a home inspection done. Our members have been asked to list ALL of the areas where they provide home inspection services independent of where their offices are located. Whatever your referral source, please perform due diligence when selecting an inspector. Discuss your expectations with the inspector to ensure that the report provided will meet your specific needs.